Quigley Doyle Family Tree

Jesse Stroud

Jesse Stroud

Male Abt 1770 - Aft 1834  (~ 65 years)

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Ecclesiates (Echolds) Stroud
Male Abt 1785-Aft 1834
John Stroud
Male Abt 1785-Aft 1834
Isaac Stroud
Male Abt 1789-Aft 1834
Thomas Stroud
Male 1791-Aft 1834
Peter Stroud
Male Abt 1792-Aft 1834
Jesse Stroud, Jr.
Male Abt 1794-Aft 1834
Rebecca Stroud
Female Abt 1797-Aft 1834
John A. Marrs
Male -Yes, date unknown
Hannah Mars
Female -Yes, date unknown
??? Holt
Male -Yes, date unknown
William Mars
Male -Yes, date unknown
Perlina E. Galleghey
Female Abt 1842-Yes, date unknown
Martha Galleghey
Female Abt 1846-Yes, date unknown
Americus Galleghey
Male Abt 1851-Yes, date unknown
Wilson Galleghey
Male Abt 1854-Yes, date unknown
William M. Gallegly
Male Abt 1805-Yes, date unknown
Jemima Roberts
Female 1818-1864
??? ???
Female -Yes, date unknown
M. A. Roberts
Female Abt 1844-Yes, date unknown
E. Roberts
Female Abt 1846-Yes, date unknown
E. A. Roberts
Female Abt 1848-Yes, date unknown
Amos Roberts
Male Abt 1849-Yes, date unknown
Alexander Roberts
Male 1824-Yes, date unknown
Eliza ???
Female Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
M. F. Roberts
Female Abt 1849-Yes, date unknown
Elijah Roberts
Male 1830-1868
Martha ???
Female Abt 1831-Yes, date unknown
Julia A. Roberts
Female Abt 1852-Yes, date unknown
John O. Roberts
Male Abt 1853-Yes, date unknown
Martha J. Roberts
Female Abt 1854-Yes, date unknown
Matilda Roberts
Female Abt 1857-Yes, date unknown
William T. Roberts
Male Abt 1858-Yes, date unknown
James M. Roberts
Male Abt 1859-Yes, date unknown
Caroline ???
Female Abt 1834-Yes, date unknown
Sarah (Sally) Stroud
Female Abt 1801-Aft 1834
Mary (Polly) Stroud
Female Abt 1803-Aft 1834
William P. Stroud
Male Abt 1806-Aft 1834
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Jesse Stroud
Male Abt 1760-1770-Aft 1834
Naomi ???
Female Abt 1755-1774-Bef 1834
Richard Stroud
Male Abt 1810-Aft 1834
Elizabeth Stroud
Female Abt 1813-Aft 1834
Howell Stroud
Male Abt 1816-Aft 1834
Deniza Stroud
Female Abt 1818-Aft 1834
Silas Stroud
Male Abt 1822-Aft 1834
Obedience Stroud
Female Abt 1823-Aft 1834
Margaret Jane Stroud
Female Abt 1825-Aft 1834
James Stroud
Male Abt 1826-Aft 1834
Tabitha Hicks
Female Abt 1785-1786-Aft 1834